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Based on the utopian concept of space and of the object, in opposition to the idea of a growing dystopic reality, the 3rd edition of PRUDÊNCIO X EUREKA collaboration presents models which shape and silhouette are protagonists.

Inspired by the Brutalist architecture, we've developed shoes that have massive but also clean design, applying a reduced colour pallete. In each shape the graphic aspects are the main characteristic and they are also featured by geometrical cuts that contrast and accentuate the silhouette.

This 3rd edition presents great news: two exclusive women models. Evoking the workwear spirit, PRUDÊNCIO X EUREKA shoes are structured and made with bulky materials that reveals senhor PRUDÊNCIO aesthetics, allied once again with Eureka know-how and quality standards. 

COxLAB // Campaign

On this new edition, we've worked on the idea of the utopian concept of space and object. Therefore, we've invited the visual artist Sandra Araújo to create a visual campaign - images and gifs -  that is focused in 3D techniques, digital and game culture.

Bio // Sandra Araújo

Sandra Araújo is a visual artist that spent endless hours shooting at monsters and strolling through mazes. So, it only felt natural for her to evolve through an experimental and explorative process of the visual culture of video games and popular gif files in her animations. She still plays old school computer games.

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