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Portuguese shoe production is well known by its high quality and artisanal production and these two elements are pillars in the conception of our styles. Consistent ancient techniques allow us to create products based in new perspectives, inspired in shape, proportion and construction. Boulder shoes are a great example of how we enjoy putting side-by-side past and future, traditional and technologic, casual and classic.

"Boulder" is a rock fragment. Even though it is normally heavy, its proportions allow it to be moved with certain ease. The Boulder shoes are like that: strong pieces, but also comfortable and easy to walk in, with a soft cushioned leather insole. Their strength and design fit perfectly within an urban mood, and also within an outdoor scenario.
Graphic elements have always been an important design resource for senhor PRUDÊNCIO, for the TOTOTSH collection, Boulders reveal it by the handmade stitching in the front panel that features a handmade weaved work with reflective textile. Boulders are a constant in our collections, they always show up. In different shapes, materials, textures or colours but they are always there because we see them as real new classics.

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